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Monday, December 26, 2011

So Sayith Tay and Jay #8

What is your favorite food?

Taylor: Is um, blueberries

Jordan: raviolis

How do you remember things?

Taylor: Because of your brain because you can remember things with your brain - that's what my teacher says

Jordan: I remember things good

What are all of the rules in the house?

Taylor: not run, no jumping, no hitting, laying down in bed, sit at the chair for dinner, my cup goes in the middle of the table, no splashing and no getting out of the bath when you are wet.

Jordan: I cant put Christmas lights on my head

What's the best deal?

Taylor: the best deal is no painting on the wall and the ceiling and curtains and the door and I heard my momma holler like I never did before (that's a quote from a book - not sure where that came from) I really can't staaaaay - baby its cold outside... (yup and now she's singing)

Jordan: a penguin with a hat

What is your favorite toy?

Taylor: The barbie house like my papa gave me.

Jordan: a barbie I said, a barbie!

Why is Christmas over?

Taylor: because that's how it ends - because after Christmas is my birthday!

Jordan: when its not snowing then Christmas is over (runs to the window) see! No more snow.

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