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Monday, December 19, 2011

So Sayith Tay and Jay #7

From Jennifer: Who are you going to marry and why?

Taylor: Harry Potter, because I love him.

Jordan: Princess Fiona, Because I'm a princess (oh no - we got some work to do).

From Miriam: What does PU mean?

Taylor: something is yucky and really dirty and when something is really dirty you say PU and yucky

Jordan: Yucky, Yucky, Yucky

From Sam: Could daddy wrestle a bear and win?

Taylor: No because sometimes because you are angry at him because he plays games because when he fights bears it can chomp him. when they are in the wild and a person goes down the bear will get somebody.

Jordan: It will bite him and bite him like this ::starts chomping::

From Roxy: What do you like best about your brother and sister?

Taylor: (Elijah) When he plays and I play hide and seek with him and I like to put him in the box and then let go because he is going to be a baby dinosaur - (Jordan) When she likes Tinkerbell

Jordan: (Elijah) because he breaks a glass (he just broke a glass cup trying to clean up and put it in the sink on his own) - (Taylor) because she's not breaking glass

From Shelly: If you could get mom and dad a present for Christmas what would it be?

Taylor: (mommy) a pillow - a blue one - (daddy) a dark red pillow

Jordan: (mommy) a white present - (daddy)a blue present

From Grandpa Bob: What animal reminds you of Mommy, Daddy, Elijah, and (sister)?

Taylor: (mommy) a tiger - (daddy) monkey i mean dinosaur - (Elijah) alligator - (Jordan) a lion, excuse me mom, i'm an animal. I'm a chameleon. I change colors because I'm a chameleon.

Jordan: (mommy) blue and green on it and some white on it - (daddy) he's a lion - (Elijah) a Kyle - (Taylor) a lion

From Allyson: What did Santa do before giving present to all the boys and girls?

Taylor: some people don't have presents so get gets them to the boys and girls. ::whispers to me:: but he's only pretend and if he comes out of Buddy the Elf movie into my world then he'd be real!

Jordan: he brings presents to my friends but we don't have any presents

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