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Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Day with Taylor

The day is only half over and Taylor and I have had some great conversations:

While watching a football game

Taylor: Mommy what one do you like the yellow or the blue
Me: The yellow, they are called packers
Taylor: Mommy why is that lady wearing cheese on her head?
Me: Because they want the packers to win - they're called cheeseheads
Taylor: What do people wear on their heads if they want the blue ones to win
Me: The blue ones are giants, I guess they just wear hats on their heads if they want the giants to win
Taylor: Mommy! We can't like the packers any more! They knocked over that giant!
Taylor: I love this yellow blanket now, its my favorite because I want the packers to win.

While hanging out

Me: Taylor guess who's coming to watch you tonight
Taylor: I know! Beach Grandma
Me: How did you know that?
Taylor: Because you said "Justin call your mom to see if she can watch the kids" and since daddy's mommy is Beach Grandma, that means Beach Grandma is coming over.

While trying to take a nap

Taylor: Mommy at church today when they were playing the peaceful music I closed my eyes and wanted to fall asleep.
Me: Oh?
Taylor: Yeah peaceful music wants to make me sleep
Me: Why don't you go to sleep now?
Taylor: Well if you sing me a peaceful lullaby then I'll fall asleep
Me: (starts singing)
Taylor: Nope that's not gonna work I need PEACEFUL Music, we should ask Matt to sing on the phone.

While hanging out
Taylor: Mommy the other day Tracy came over but she only came to take daddy to go get his car
Me: Yup
Taylor: Well that wasn't fair, because me and Jordan wanted to hold the baby and we didn't get to
Me: Maybe later
Taylor: But I wanted to hold him last day! I know! Tracy can come over again so I can hold the baby

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