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Monday, January 28, 2013

She Made Me A Momma

So for those of you that noticed Taylor turned 6 on the 11th. 

We started her birthday festivities with a dinner at Benihana which she LOVED and decided that crunch rolls are one of her new favorite things along with their amazing onion soup.

The Friday of her birthday she decided she wanted to go to Chuck E Cheese with her new BFF Isabella.  So we got a pizza and quickly burned through 200 tokens.  After dinner and games we headed back to the house to eat Taylor’s birthday cake.  It’s a tradition in our house that you get to decorate your own birthday cake hence the pile of sprinkles you’ll notice on the cake.  You'll also notice a bloody bandaid on her forehead from Elijah an Sippy Cup.

We took Isabella home shortly after cake and later that weekend went to dinner with Justin’s dad and family to celebrate Taylor and Aunt Genny’s birthday (Gen’s is on the 14th).  I stole these pictures from facebook.

So now for the good stuff...Taylor is:

4” Tall (90th percentile)
43 Pounds (39th percentile)

At her visit she would NOT talk to the nurse and was pretty rude until the words “She won’t need any shots” came out of her mouth…suddenly Taylor was super chatty and friendly with everyone.

And the letter to my big girl

My Taylor,

It was you that made me a mom.  6 years ago I held you in my arms for the first time and for the first time felt the love that only a mommy can have for her child.  You brought me from my own youth to adult hood.

You have always been super affectionate and love to cuddle.  I often whisper in your ear as you sit nestled in my lap “Will you cuddle with me forever, even when you’re all grown up”.  You always respond with a smile and nod as you squeeze as close to me as you can.  You are happy when a “reward” for your hard work is spending extra cuddle time with me.  I know it won’t be long before you grow out of this and I try to cherish the moments even if you are getting way too tall for my lap.

You are very sensitive.  Things make you upset very easily and cry about nearly everything that happens in life.  Most recently you’ve taken to saying things like “Life’s not fair” and “This is worst day ever”.  Your sensitivity causes many dramatic moments in our home and you have caught me on several occasions snickering at the crazy things you say in the heat of the moment.  I always remind you that we love you unconditionally and we do not like when you are upset.  I hope you will remember that in the years to come.

You love to feel grown up and strive to take charge.  On several occasions you have even said to me “I’m 6 now, I can do it by myself”.  You try to be part of the grown up world whenever you can and chime in on conversations and try to do the things daddy and I do.

You are insanely bright.  You learn things so quickly and ask the hardest questions.  I have loved to listen to you this last year start to develop your knowledge, especially your knowledge of God.  You ask the hard questions and try to put the pieces together as Daddy and I explain why we believe what we do.  The things you pick up are mind blowing.

Mostly though, I want you to know how much I love you.  I am proud of you and insanely blessed that God chose you to be my first baby.  You were perfect for me and Daddy.  You’ve taught us so much and have persevered as our “guinea pig”.  You have made me and Daddy better parents and better people.

I love you baby girl.

And now for the picture review:


Age 1:

Age 2:

Age 3:

Age 4:

Age 5:

Age 6:

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