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Thursday, March 14, 2013

A Day In The Life Of...

A fellow blogging mommy does a thing called “A Day In The Life Of” where she just documents the day of one of her boys from their perspective.

There are some days with my kids where I think – I really need to do that type of blog.  Most days I just realize that that is just WAY to much work so it won’t happen.

Despite that yesterday ended up being such an interesting day with Jordan I can’t resist doing one.  Please note this may never happen again.  And by that I mean this won’t happen until I have another randomly event filled day with one of the kids with enough funny things to tell you about.

So, I (Jordan)…

Woke up and proceeded to climb into bed next to mommy while she sat working.  I asked her, like I do every morning, “Is your work closed or open?”

Mommy told me her work was opened, but because daddy was sick she was going to work on her little computer for a little, but then stay home with me!  I let mommy work and ate breakfast with daddy and Taylor and Elijah.

I went into mommy’s closet to pick new clothes to wear.  Mommy has to keep my clothes in her closet so I don’t change my clothes 5 times everyday.  I picked my favorite Tinkerbell shirt and pink pants.

Daddy had to leave to take Taylor to school so mommy came to the couch with her little computer to work.  She let me play puzzles next to her while she worked.  She even helped me with some pieces when I got frustrated.  I did ALL of our puzzles!  When I finished the puzzles I ate some of mommy’s chips and cheese.  The cheese was really spicy so I just dipped the chip in a little tiny bit and told mommy it made it “Just a little tiny spicy”.

I asked mommy if I could color with markers and she said YES!  I told her, “This is the best day ever” and colored her lots of pictures.  When mommy was in the bathroom I put all my pictures in her purse so she could take them to work for her desk.  She told me she likes my pictures at work.

I had to go to the bathroom and when mommy saw me she asked, “Why are you sitting with your butt inside the toilet like that?” so I told her, “because when I poop I don’t want it to splash me”.  Mommy laughed.

I got to pick lunch and I wanted yellow cheese.  So mommy gave me cheese and crackers with something else I told her I didn’t like.  But I ate every bite anyway because I really did like, but don’t tell mommy.

After lunch mommy told me Sophie was coming over so we had to clean the toys out of the living room so she didn’t put them in her mouth.  I cleaned really fast and helped mommy vacuum too!  Mommy told me I had to be a big girl and take a nap with the door closed so Sophie wouldn’t go into my room.  I told her ok.  Because the door was closed I got to play the WHOLE time and mommy didn’t know I was playing because she couldn’t see me! Don’t tell mommy I didn’t take a nap.

I heard Sophie playing and mommy made me stay in my room for a long time.  So I sometimes would peek under my door and yell “Is it wake up time yet” just to make sure mommy didn’t forget me.  When mommy finally let me out of my room I played with Sophie a lot.  I helped her drink with her cup and fed her raisins.  Mommy told me Sophie was big enough to drink and eat by herself but when mommy wasn’t looking I kept helping her.

We got in the car to leave and I got really mad because mommy and daddy put Sophie in front of Taylor’s seat and not my seat so I couldn’t look at her.  We went to a big store with lots of books and veggie tales toys.  Then we went to church.  I ate my dinner really fast and got mad at mommy for forgetting to bring my Cubbie vest and book with us to church.  I got to play with Uncle Sam and Sophie before AWANA. 

After church I really wanted to stay up, but I told mommy I would be a big girl if she rubbed my back while I prayed.  And I stayed in bed a little bit.

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