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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Slingshot and Quick Death

Things. Things. Things.  Things always get in the way of some other thing.

For those of you that read when I do not post to facebook an update:

1. I have taken my confessions seriously and am making good progress.  #1 has been a very smooth transition and I will have more to say on that later.

2. The “opportunity” or whatever I called it is a no go.  My prayer was that all doors would fling open if it is where God was leading us and that any sign of resistance was a good indicator it was a bad move.  And there were a few half open doors in the way so the choice was not to move forward.

NOW for interesting THINGS which is merely taking shape with an interesting conversation I had yesterday that goes like this…

Justin called me and asked a question to which my response was:

Me: You get it after you get your sling shot

Having heard just that part of the conversation 2 of my fellow male coworkers became quite interested in what type of conversation I could be having and assuming it was with Justin, because who else would I be telling to get a sling shot. 

I quickly informed them we were talking about the game Zelda:

Coworker (AKA Paul, AKA The dude who picks on me as much as Justin does): You got it?!

Justin and I continued our conversation and something about ulcers came up and how he might have one:

Me: You’re dying
Justin: It’s the kids that are killing me
Me: Well we should just have more kids then. To kill you quicker and put you out of your misery

FYI: There will not be any (planned) kids growing in this belly and God would have to work some miracle-ness to make it happen.

And SAM that would not be funny.

And MAYBE (if I can convince Justin) I do want to adopt like a 3-4 year old boy in 2-4 years.  You know, to kill my husband off and all.

And MOST DEFINITELY I will be posting more about the odd conversations Justin and I have along with the crazy things my children say/do.

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