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Monday, March 4, 2013

I'm Married to Old Man

Today my hubby turned 30.  Well I don’t know if he’s turning 30 or turned 30 since I don’t actually know when he was born.

I actually don’t remember when my kids were born either other then it being around/after dinner time.  Close enough.

Anyway, Justin is 30.  There is something you need to understand about this man.  He is not very excitable.  He is generally happy, but he is not excitable.  When he is excited about something he doesn’t express it like most people with a squeal of delight (ok that’s me), or even a “Wow! That’s Awesome!” attitude.  Instead it’s usually just a “cool” – like you just told him he won $5 when in actuality he just won $1,000.

That doesn’t mean he doesn’t like things, he does.  He just doesn’t express it in an obvious way.

So when I said to him “How about for your 30th I hire a babysitter or 2 to watch all our kids and friends kids and all the grown ups have an “all nighter”.  A day of laser tag, go karts, bowling, etc.

His we response (in a very casual tone) was something like “That’d be cool”.  Which I took to mean its something he wouldn’t mind, but not something that he was excited about.  So I didn’t waste the money on something that would be “OK” when I was going for “Awesome”.

I found out yesterday what he actually meant was that’d be awesome.  But, well that’s not going to happen now.

I still have another idea floating around in my head that I may still try to pull off.  We’ll see.

For now though I wanted to tell my man HAPPY BIRTHDAY.


I love you so very much! You drive me crazy, but still manage to make me so very happy.  You put up with my stubbornness and always-right-ness without going crazy on me like I do to you.  Our kids adore their time with you and miss you even when you’re gone for only a few minutes.  You bring calmness to my stress.  You bring laughter to my grumpiness. You bring strength in my weakness.

You love me selflessly in so many ways and I couldn’t ask for a better man…I could ask for a less HAIRY one, but nobody’s perfect.


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