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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Floating Brain Thoughts

There are these things floating around in my head this morning that I am going to share with you.  I originally started trying to sort out these things so I could blog on a specific topic, but that’s boring.

Random list of floating brain thoughts is what you get instead.

  1. When I stress out I get nauseas.  I would like to change that to be a headache or something.  I am SO over being sick and nausea just reminds me of those horrid times in the very recent past.

  1. I needed to be at work at 7 yesterday and got stuck in horrible traffic.  Why you ask? Because there was a crew of gents putting up a bunch of those free way tub/can things of sand at the end of the divider.  You know the big orange ones that will keep you “safe” if you ever run into that divider a “cushion” for your collision. That should be their slogan “cushion for your collision”

  1. Since I didn’t make it on time yesterday I had to be here by 7 again today.  And guess what!!?? I was late again because of traffic.  Why you ask yet again?  Because that same divider that was getting some new “cushions for your collision” had a 3 car wreck.  And those “cushions for your collision” saved some dude in a blue SUV’s life.  Hey dude in the blue SUV, I hope you believe in Jesus because it’s not a coincidence that those were installed just YESTERDAY!

  1.  There are these things you put over door knobs to keep your kids out (or in) a room.  They “childproof” the door.

Jordan: At age 4 decided to figure out how to open these child proof doors.  Who then taught Taylor how to do it so…

Taylor: At age 5 learned how to open these child proof doors.  Then there is…

Elijah: At age 2 decided to bypass the door trap entirely and learn how to just take the cover off completely.  That’s right friends.  My 2 year old just removes the childproofing on the door and hands it to us in triumph.

  1. On that note Jordan may not know her letters or numbers, but she is anti-childproof anything.  She climbs over baby gates with ease, bypasses child locks on cabinets, and opens childproof pill bottles (she didn’t take any of the pills she just felt the need to help me when I was sick and opened my 5 pill bottles by my bed while I was sleeping then woke me up to tell me she got them ready for me)

And 5 is where I’ll stop.  Merely because 5 is my favorite number and it deserves some acknowledgement for its hard work.

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