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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Doing Polka

I really did mean to type Doing Polka. I just wanted to point out that wasn’t an error (thanks to Chris making me all self conscious).

I do Yoga. Do in this sense is defined as:

DO: consistently for 2-3weeks straight with breaks of 2months – 2 years in between

I really do enjoy it, but things just get in the way, and to be honest when it comes to me and exercise… well there isn’t really a ME and Exercise.

Last night was the first time I attempted Yoga with all 3 of my children awake. At first, of course, Taylor and Jordan sat near me and tried to bend into odd positions right along with me. Pretty quickly they gave up and instead starting using my body as a tunnel and shouting things like “You’re doing good Mom! Wow, keep going!”

They were definitely a distraction, but darn cute ones.

Well… I went into Downward Facing Dog and Taylor says “Mom, I see your booty! You bent too much and made a hole in your pants!”

I laughed really hard and realized the string that holds the seam together decided to unravel (probably in the washer). I am not blaming it on the fact that I bent over and ripped the seams because, lets me honest, how in the world could I manage to rip the seam of anything!

After the Yoga session was done Taylor said to me, “Mom, when you do Polka, you need to be careful so you don’t put holes in your pants”

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