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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mommy in the Making

I know Jordan is only 2, but she is definitely the most motherly of the two girls.

She has always been affectionate and loves to kiss and hug on her stuffed toys and babies.

She loves to lay next them on the floor for “nap” and wake them up with a kiss.

This morning reminded me of her motherly instincts.

The kids are usually still asleep when I leave, but this morning Jordan was awake and “watching” me get ready. I use the word watching loosely since really she was “telling” me to get ready.

My alarm goes off – “Mommy your phone! Turn it off!”
I go to the bathroom – “Mommy don’t go to fast, you’ll fall!”
I brush my teeth – “Mommy say AHHH”
I get dressed – “Don’t go outside naked butt (this is what my children call partially clothed or completely nude haha)”
I put on my shoes – She puts on a pair of my shoes
I get my purse – She runs and gets my phone from my dress “don’t forget your phone!” (she was very concerned)
I go to the front door – “See you soon?”
I close the door – “DON’T FORGET TO LOCK IT!”

PS – I am really not good with this wordless Wednesday thing…

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