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Friday, May 13, 2011

The Wonder of the Straw

I know I’m not crazy when I say that if you have a straw in your drink the drink seems to disappear much faster.

As I sat here today finish my third 16 oz cup of water I wondered what about this hallow thin piece of plastic makes me drink so much more?

On a normal day I probably drink about 32 oz for the whole day (I know that’s below recommended…don’t you judge me! :) ) But the days I drink with a straw I easily drink 64+ oz. So what is it?

I have decided its because its fun. Drinking from a straw brings out my inner child. I can remember drinking from those crazy loopy-doopy super awesome straws, slurpee straws with a spoon, bending straws, and even using a piece of yummy red licorice bit off on both ends in my glass of root beer. Of course I’ve graduated from the fun (much cooler) straws to the boring straight and plastic straws, but it still reminds me of being a kid.

Ok well maybe it doesn’t consciously remind me of being a kid since I sat here for about 10 minutes looking at my cup trying to figure out why it is we drink more water with a straw, subconsciously (which has now become conscious) my inner kid gets excited when I see that straw.

So today, I dedicate this day, to Straws!

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