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Friday, May 20, 2011

Jordan's Twin

There is a beautiful little girl right about Jordan’s age that looks exactly like her… well not exactly, but on multiple occasions I’ve even gotten them mixed up!

It all started at Eli’s “Welcome to the World” party in June of last year. Sydney and her awesome mommy came and it was sort of freaky seeing the girls together. They have the same color hair, same length (at the time) of hair, same height, same hair color, the same walk, and they even get into trouble in the same way!

I found myself at the party telling “Jordan” to not play in the dirt or try to climb in the pool only to realize it was Sydney. Please don’t take that to mean that Sydney is not a well behaved kid, because the real Jordan was getting into about 100 more things then Sydney was…and they are 2 so of COURSE they are into everything.

I have also mistaken them for eachother via facebook photos or videos that Chandra has posted of Sydney. I’ll look at the brown eyed brunette in the photo/video and think “I don’t remember taking the picture of Jordan” or “Why does my voice sound different in that video?” only to realize I am looking at Sydney and hearing Chandra’s voice.

Chandra (Sydney’s mom) also told me lately that she was watching Jordan’s Llama Llama video and Sydney was super excited and kept yelling “its me!”. Jordan will look at photos of Sydney and do the same thing! It really is rather insane.

For now here are the best pictures I could find to try and show the resemblances, but my intent is to get a picture of them together soon!

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