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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Giant Heap of Whip Cream on my Sundae

First of all, I am totally going to write a song with the title of this blog. It sounds scrumptious.

I’m torn between two stories today, but I think I’ll go with the Good News and tomorrow give the funny Taylor story.

I will try to make this the last time that I mention this, since I feel like it may have taken over the blog lately and its far more interesting to hear about the kids and the crazy things they do then our family drama.

Today I’m going old school…like 5th grade and giving you a timeline of events

We moved into our new 3 bedroom apartment on April 16th that was more money then we could afford
May 23rd will be Justin’s last Unemployment check and let’s face it; he’s not going to get work for awhile that makes the apartment even less affordable
June (1st – ish) My first month paying FULL rent and 2 months worth of utilities, um YIKES?!
June 13 – I GOT A NEW POSITION!!! I start on this day AND it is (to the penny) exactly the amount I’ve been praying for so I can afford rent!

God is good! I have been blessed and I thank ALL of you for your prayers. Thank you! Thank you!

My new prayer is for strength and guidance. I am excited about how God has provided for us and his blessings have given me renewed strength for our next “trial”. I can honestly say that my prayer now is for what is to come for us and I am thankful for these answers to prayers, for this end to a long journey that has prepared me for our next one.

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