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Monday, May 16, 2011

The Question of the Day

I need some opinions about a small dilemma I am faced with. Eli’s birthday is in June and I just don’t know if I should have a birthday party for him.

Here is why…

First of all Taylor had a 1st birthday and after the day was over I realized it was not really her birthday party, but more like have all mommy and daddy’s friends over party. Yes she got gifts, but she doesn’t remember it or even at the time she didn’t really care about anything going on.

With that experience I decided not to have a first birthday party for Jordan. She did however have a 2nd birthday party and Taylor did not (due to money issues at the time).

Now comes Elijah, would it be unfair for Jordan if I had a party for him? Will she look back years from now and feel the weight of being the “middle child?”

As I see it there are Pros and Cons

He needs boy toys, he has a few, but not many
He REALLY needs clothes/shoes
Its June…Excuse for a Pool Party at Grandpa Bob’s?!

Jordan feeling left out? (later in life)
Pool Party – I don’t think my kids have a safe fear of drowning
He needs clothes, but people don’t want to buy clothes they want to buy toys (I know I would!)

I know its not a BIG deal or anything, but seeing how its slow for me at work today I have had plenty of time to think and this is what has occupied my time.


  1. I think you should go ahead and have the party, as long as it is not a financial hardship for you. As for Jordan, I think she will be ok with it. She will be to busy having fun to realize that she didn't have a first birthday party. As for the clothes situation, just let close family and some friends know he NEEDS clothes and they will most likely get them for you while others can get him toys :)

  2. I agree. Have the party if you can. Request clothes from some and get toys from others. Some of your friends will help watch the kids while everyone enjoys the pool. :)

  3. I face a similar dilemma every year. All 4 of my kids are born in a 4 week period, and 3 of them are in the same week! Talk about not having any money! Here are a few things we've done, have the party when you can, even if it's a couple of weeks before or after the actual day. Have a cake and ice cream party in the afternoon, between lunch and dinner, it's cheaper that way. Even though decorating is so much fun, it's a waste of money, so keep it to a minimum. Goodie bags also fall into this catagory, you know that stuff ends up in the trash anyway. Send out evites because they are free and eco-friendly. There is nothing wrong with politely requesting certain items for your child, the best gifts are the ones really needed. Friends and family should understand your situation too. I think that as long as you celebrate with your immediate family and the kids know they are special to you, a big birthday party isn't necessary. Maybe you could start a family birthday tradition for all of the kids. Hope that helps :)