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Monday, January 2, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #9

Tell me the story about your favorite day:

Taylor: Ok I'm going to tell you a story about Harry Potter and me getting married.  So one day Ginny was getting married with Harry Potter and then Taylor and Connor switched and Connor said he wanted to marry Ginny.  All of us switched so that Harry Potter switched to the girl named Taylor (that's me) and Ginny switched to a boy named Connor.  Then we all went to the ball and then we had a kiss together.  And then we all got married and we had a baby.  And the baby was named Kady.  Ginny and Connor's baby's name is Taylor just like me.  The named the baby Taylor because they love me and they have lots of babies named Taylor because they really love me.  But when the baby was coming out it started to hurt a little bit. So Harry Potter and me went to the Ball and we kissed together. 

The End

I broke daddy's computer and then daddy's computer was sad.  Then daddy say nothing.  He got angry.  Then the whale come down and got trapped from the cage.  And it fell on buddy! Then it got killed by a monster.  The monster was black with muscles and mustard and was chasing me, Jordan. Then it was turtle inside a cave.  Then I saved the turtle! It was a baby turtle and it was lost forever.  Then buddy he loves the baby turtle and the turtle was named baby Jesus.

Then my pinky says The End

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