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Monday, March 5, 2012

Happy Birthday Justin!

I know you have all been waiting anxiously for Elijah’s big boy bed update.  It is coming.  I keep writing it here to make sure I actually get it here…eventually.

The truth is the pictures were on the camera along with a lot of the videos I needed for Justin’s Birthday Surprise this year so I couldn’t put the videos on our computer or he’d find them – so I didn’t put the pictures on my computer either.

However, I can’t use that as an excuse anymore, but since my hubby’s birthday was yesterday you get a birthday post instead of a big boy bed post.  But it is coming.

Justin and I aren’t huge “celebrators”.  Beyond saying happy birthday to each other and sometimes a small “thinking of you” gift we don’t usually make big deal of birthdays.  By that I mean each other’s birthdays – we go crazy for the kids.

This year I wanted to do something special for him so I had a bunch of friends and family create videos singing/saying Happy Birthday and I edited them all together to make a birthday song for him.  It was a ton of fun, and thank you again to everyone that helped!!

Yesterday, Justin’s Birthday, we went to church and about half way through our church morning we figured it might be a good idea to do something with friends since we weren’t doing anything that day.  So in the true Davis’ fashion we put together a last minute birthday game night. 

Sad Note: Our house is small and since this was very last minute a few of our friends were not there/invited – not because we don’t love you, but because we had no time to plan.

Happy Note: We had a few new people come!  We really just mentioned it to some friends from church so we had some new faces join the mix.  Really it was all church friends (with 1 family exception).

Although I was super exhausted we had a lot of fun.  Matt brought leftover Stonefire Chicken and Tri-tip, and salad - and we ordered a few pizzas. I made chocolate cookies and served them warm with ice cream to substitute “cake”.  Taylor was not a fan of not having cake until she realized she was getting cookies. The kids were more rambunctious then usual so we didn’t really get any games in until Ed and Kyle (kid) left and Elijah was in bed with a movie on for the rest of the kids.  But we got in one good round of a fun game that either Sam or Matt won…I really don’t remember who.

Since I was the only exhausted one a few people left after the first game so we were down to 4.  We played a great round of Small World and then called the night quits.

I’m sure Justin had as good a night as I did.  So thank you all for showing up at my house last minute and making Justin’s birthday fun.

I love you Babe!! Happy 29th Birthday.

And I didn't take any pictures, but the video I was refering to can be found on Justin's or my facebook wall.

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