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Friday, March 2, 2012

A Friday Afternoon List

I don’t know what I blog most about.  It is my family as a whole? Is it my kids? Is it me?

I feel like I don’t really talk about myself all that often. I mean I do as a part of the whole family, but not just me. Or do I?  ::shrug::

Well if I do I don’t mean to, except today.  Today I totally plan on talking about me.

I sit here munching on a giant cup of little ice cubes and think there are things I’d like to share with you that you may or may not know.  A Shanda style list of random things for you – I will refrain from changing text color so that it doesn’t look like I completely stole the idea from Shanda.

1. I find Shanda fascinating.  Not in a “she’s crazy and I can’t take my eyes off her” kind of way – although I’m sure she’s appreciate that too, but a “I want to run around in her shoes for month” kind of way.  She lives her life so different then me and I’m curious what it would be like to live so free.

2. I have THE best friends in the world.  I don’t care what you say.  My friends are far more awesome and great then your friends.  I hope you can accept this reality, because it is true.

3. I love ice.  Not big ice, but the small little ball type ice cubes you can get at AMPM.  How do I know they have them at AMPM?  Because Justin would intentionally stop there when we were dating to get me a giant cup of them.  I’d munch until my whole mouth was numb then stop only because I was scared to bite my tongue off and not notice.

4. My face can only be wet if I’m in a shower or pool.  Anything time freaks me out…like jump around screaming like a 5 year old with a spider on her nose kind of freak out.

5. Sylvester Stallone and Drew Barrymore annoy me.  Like I see them and my body cringes.

6. I’ve recently realized there was a dramatic shift in my life.  In high school I spent many Friday nights with my crew (Bryan (Moose), Nick (Dooty), Sarah (My BFF), Megan (Meguna Beach), Greg (Green Goo), Veronica (Roni), Josh Bell (Josh…poor nicknamless bloke), Allyson (Ally), and occasional appearances by the other Josh (PBJ – Pink Ball Josh), and Todd (Also without a nickname, but also the only younger guy in our group).  We’d watch movies (usually scary ones) at my house and use towels to whip each other – you know normal teenage stuff.  At some point in my life that transitioned to a “game night” with a completely different group of people…like not a single person stayed the same.  The “game night” crew has also evolved, but that is a story for a different day.

7. I went from having a very event free weekend every week to rarely an event free day in my week sort of life within a year.  It has been a quite chaotic transition, and I like it.  Actually, when that 1 day a month comes around that we don’t have something to do I feel weird and try to make last minute plans – this is usually successful…so what are you guys doing tonight?

8. Watermelon Madness smoothies from Juice it up are incredible…like my mouth instantly starts watering when I think about the deliciousness of it even though I haven’t had one since I was pregnant with Elijah because its pretty ridiculous to spend $4-$5 on a smoothie.

9. I’m a gamer.  I used to try to hide it because it was sort of embarrassing to admit I spent hours a week playing an online game, but I got over that because my gamer friends (KORT CREW!!!) are real friends that I spent a lot of time with.  You’d be surprised the kind of things you learn about people in that setting.  I love my KORT and Wrath and Ret peeps.  I also miss those long nights with those peeps.

10.  I’m running out of ice so I will now end my list.  I don’t understand the word ‘afternoon’.  We have morning, afternoon, and evening.  To me:
Morning Means: early morning like when you wake up or around 6AM (if you wake up early) to like 10AM
Evening Means: around dinner time.  Like 5PM to bedtime and while you sleep
So to me Afternoon is the gap of time in-between from 10AM – 5PM.  I don’t take afternoon to mean after noon (12).  But a phase in the day instead.  Justin disagrees and get’s irritated if I refer to 11AM as afternoon, but its not like there is another word to explain that time of day and 11AM is not still morning.

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  1. Although most of these things I already knew about you,I still actually find it quite interesting. I do think that next week we need to go have an amazing Watermelon Madness smoothie, because although I have never tried one, the thought of it also makes my mouth water. I would say that you have the best friends in the world because you are a pretty amazing lady and I am honored to be one of those friends, and I am glad we share the same passion for ice :-). And lastly I was actually having a discussion today about the hrs I keep, most days I get up at about 4:30 am and have lunch (until recently) at 10:30 am, so I have to agree with you about afternoon not really being after 12 pm. I guess you would have to understand the concept of having lunch at 10:30 am to get it.