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Thursday, March 15, 2012

My Big, Little Man

I have failed at my commitment to update you all on Elijah and his big boy bed. So although there is something else I REALLY want to blog about I decided it’s about time for just a general Eli update right?

I love all my kids and think they are all pretty stinkin’ cute, but (I hope it’s not just me) sometimes my kids just look awkward. I think Elijah can make faces that make him look a whole lot like a monkey and I think “huh, well that’s less cute then usual”. Also note, I have no idea when to use “then” and when to use “than”, sorry.

You can tell that Elijah is fast approaching age 2. He has his moments of laying on the floor crying and throwing a horrible fit for whatever reason. He is also talking a LOT more which makes things significant easier in my opinion since he can tell us what he wants. If you have (or had) kids that are going through this phase you know that each kid develops their own type of language that only the parents or friends that see them all the time understand. I know that “ab el joo” means apple juice, but who knows if anyone else would.

He has now successfully used the potty only twice, but he told us he had to go. Granted he looks at you and says “poo poo” and grabs his butt, but when you sit him down he pees instead. He’s getting there and my plan is to potty train him after our 3 week family vacation plans in June/July. I mean it would be horrible to start and then have to deal with a 10 hour long drive to Nor Cal and a 4 hour long plane trip to WI.

He’s getting a lot more cuddly which I love. At night when we relax before bed he’ll come sit next to me on the couch and cover both of us with a blanker with a huge smile on his face. Man o man I love that kid.

And now for the big boy bed. I can’t remember if I told you all why, but just in case:

Elijah transitioned to a big boy bed a few weeks ago since his lovely sisters figured it was a good idea to teach him how to climb out of his crib (amongst other things). We have a song in our house that the kids call “the crying song” since I always sang it to them to calm them down or soothe them. It’s really just a Veggie Tales song, but it does the trick. Well, for the last few months I’ve been singing that song to him before laying him down in bed. So now if Justin or I start singing that song he climbs into bed and generally stays there. It’s rather fabulous actually. A few nights here and there he wakes up and asks for “ab el joo” and won’t go back to sleep without a drink of something, but those nights are rare.

I also decided to celebrate this transition into boyhood he should get new bedding. More mature bedding (from baby to toddler) so we got him a Cars themed bed set (for only $20 on Amazon!) He loves cars – not necessarily the movie, but the toy/vehicle. It’s not uncommon to find a car in his hand or in his bed. However, since he does drag them all over the house that means we are often finding ourselves with a short supply since they are hidden all over the house. So I think he needs a larger car supply – but not the baby/toddler kind of cars. He doesn’t like those. He likes the Hot Wheels, die cut cars (I think that’s what they are called). So if you have an older boy that has outgrown his and want to hand some down I wouldn’t object :)
So that’s my Elijah blog – of course with tons of pictures to go with it. And I don’t expect you to think all of them are cute, because like I said…kids can have some awkward looking moments.

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