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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Jordan's Annual Ingestion

So if you are reading this you probably are also a facebook friend. Other then 1 person I know of, I don’t think I have any non-facebook friends that actually read this. If you do read, and you aren’t a facebook friend, that’s pretty awesome. I appreciate that you go out of your way to read this.

I’m really good at getting off topic. Facebook was only mentioned really to say – You probably already know that Jordan did something stupid yesterday, and now I will fill you in the details (the ones that I have at least).

Justin called me yesterday shortly after I arrived at work and informed of Jordan’s decision to drink cough syrup. It was children’s cold and cough. I am 95% sure the bottle was only half full and since there was only ¼ left we were assuming that meant she only drank ¼ of the bottle.

Now…this is the second time Jordan has decided to inject a non food item that could potentially harm her. The first is noted in my blog from almost a year ago (The Bengay Incident). It was that incident that made me realize that I did not have the number for poison control and I did not have anything in our house that could make the kids vomit if we need them to. I swore at that point I would fix those issues.

So fast forward a year later and you’ll see I did not fix those issues. So when Justin called me I had to Google the number for poison control. We found out she could drink half a bottle and be fine. Since we assume it was only ¼ bottle she should be ok. The man suggested that just in case there was more we should monitor her closely, make she doesn’t fall asleep, and if she starts to have trouble breathing call 911. I thought the last part was silly. Why would he have to tell me to call 911 if my daughter couldn’t breathe? Isn’t that just what anyone would do?

Justin was awesome and kept her awake – it was NIGHTTIME cough and cold after all and the point is to get you to sleep. And Jordan went ahead and took like 10 doses worth. She was/is fine. And I have made progress in my goal from a year ago… I now have poison control’s number on my cell phone at least.

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