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Monday, March 5, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #17

What pet do you want to have?

Taylor: A blue pet.  A dark blue dog.

Jordan: I want a pink pet.

What did we do for Daddy's Birthday?

Taylor: We clapped after we singed the song.  Play games and dance together. We played with Kyle and Sammy and uncle Sam and I can't remember every body else's name...oh and Rob too - I mean Pablo.

Jordan: Get cake for him. Get cupcakes and chicken nuggets for his birthday...wait chicken nuggets are for birthdays! (we didn't do any of that)

What do you want to do when it's summer?

Taylor: Um, play with Sammy outside in the park.

Jordan: The sun will come up and I want to play in the beach.

What does daddy smell like?

Taylor: Cheesy pepper and old milk and he smells like (starts singing veggie tales intro) broccoli, celery, gotta be...

Jordan: Flowers

What is your favorite game on the computer?

Taylor: I can't remember my new games.  Typing game.

Jordan: I think its Jordan.

What will you learn when you go to Kindergarten?

Taylor: We will learn science and we will learn English.  We can learn lots of things. And I will learn to run fast.

Jordan: To go to up the teacher and go up to the mountain.

What is your favorite thing about Elijah?

Taylor: My favorite thing about Elijah is laying with me.

Jordan: My favorite think about buddy is what Elijah painting, but I like Sammy better.

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