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Monday, March 12, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #18

Tracy Fox - You went to Jacki and Dan's anniversary party on Sunday. What is an anniversary?

Taylor: its a celebration when you get married, I mean when you're married, I mean for when you're married.

Jordan:  Its when you get a party.

Buck Baker -What does the Facebook do and why do so many people like it

Taylor: Where sharks live in space and there are space charts and plants. (I think she thought I said spacebook)

Jordan: Its when you read a book.

Celeste Nuffer Lavacot - What your sister/brother love about you?

Taylor: Because I get a lot of energy when I sleep.

Jordan: She loves Tracy and me.

Where do you want to go tomorrow?

Taylor: Easter Egg hunt.

Jordan:  Go to the park with Grandma and Kadance and Sarah and Papa, and Elijah, and daddy, and Taylor.  Hello princess head.  I love you because I love you.  Bye.

When we go camping who do you want to go with?

Taylor: Mima and popo

Jordan:  Sammy and Brendan and Tawni and Rob.

Who do you miss most in the whole world?

Taylor: Grandma

(Jordan in background) But I love Grandma and miss her more.

Jordan: I miss grandma and papa and Kaydance and aunt Genny. Oh and Tracy.  I know're not here. ::another voice:: Hi Jordan
::Jordan voice:: will you come over
::another voice:: I'll come over tomorrow
::Jordan voice:: ok see you tomorrow Tracy
::another voice:: goodnight Jordan, see you later alligator
::Jordan voice:: see you later crocodile

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