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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wave of Germs

Do you ever watch Yo Gabba Gabba? I really hate that show, but my mom (yup mom I’m blaming you :)) got Jordan hooked on it a year ago or so. So now my kids ask for it and watch it occasionally.

The worst is the stupid songs that get stuck in your head…they are really STUPID songs. One of them is about “we are the tiny ugly germs”. Its lame, but now it is stuck in my head as I prepare this blog for you.


Anyway, if you couldn’t tell by our last post germs made their way through our house recently. Sunday night Jordan started by not feeling well which turned into the flu – so Justin and I took turns getting up with her all night. Justin handled the clean up and I handled the water refills and kisses and hugs as needed. I was exhausted on Monday at work and asked to work from home on Tuesday. By awesome boss (and no she does not read this – she is just actually awesome) was totally cool with it. Which ended up being a good thing. Tuesday afternoon Taylor started with the flu and by Tuesday night Justin was right along with her.

By Wednesday our family had recovered…so we thought ::insert scary music here::

We finished our Wednesday just fine, but on Thursday night at dinner Elijah sat in his chair at dinner and threw up what he was eating right back onto his Tray. I had actually come home feeling a little woozy too by that night the flu had struck the last of the Davis’. I took the day off on Friday to sleep and rest. But you know how much sleep is possible with 3 kids running around the house excited to have mommy home.

As Jordan asks every morning “Mommy, is your work open or closed?”

Saturday was fine and filled with lots of fun things (posts to come later) but Saturday night at about 2 AM I woke up with a stuffy nose and cough. I couldn’t fall back asleep and finally took some cough syrup with codeine, which means I was worthless in the morning since my body was on medication that made it want to sleep at least 8 hours.

My generous hubby let me sleep and we stayed home from church. I got up in time to meet friends for lunch, but took some medicine for the potential cold that was developing. At this point, although tired, I felt ok. About 30 minutes into lunch I could barely stay awake so Sam, being the awesome person he is, took me home so Justin could stay in the area and have dinner with his dad. I got home and fell asleep. I didn’t wake up again until after dinner.

I can probably safely say our house is no longer sick, but recovering (at least I am). I feel fine, just a little drained still.
Boy am I glad its over though!

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