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Monday, September 24, 2012

10 Things I Love

I figured it might be about time to give away more free stuff?  Maybe once a month - it’s a commitment that I have no real expectation of keeping, but I’ll try.

1. Game Nights (with friends) – Back in High School some of my most favorite people in life would get together fairly often and have a “Movie Night”.  We’d usually watch a scary movie late at night and jump and scream several times.  I miss those people (“US”, Bryan, Dooty, Sarah, Veronica, Ally, and Greg).  As I got older that place in my life was replaced by Game Nights with some new favorite people (the list far to long to mention, but you know who you are).  So we get together and play board games and laugh a lot.

2. Game Nights (with family) – The plan is to play games with the family at least 1 time a week too.  We usually pull out some party games on the Wii, but its also a lot of fun.

3. Cooking – I do really like to cook, and the only reason I get annoyed with it at this time in my life is lack of kitchen space, lack of budget for good ingredients, and horrible pans to cook with.

4. A Clean Car – My car hasn’t been “clean” in years because the kids do a good job at keeping it far from clean.  However, I do love having a clean car.  Someday…

5. Cookies – My favorite are soft chewy sugar cookies, but white chocolate macadamia nut are a very close second

6. Foot Massages – I mean who doesn’t?

7. Sour Patch Kids Watermelon – Oh me oh my they are the best thing ever.  Not just Sour Patch Kids because I only like the red ones anyway, but the whole bag of just watermelon shaped awesome.  Yum!

8. Shopping for my Kids – If I was rich my kids would have a ton of clothes and shoes.  But only things that matched or were part of a set.  It drives me crazy having a tub in their room with just random toys…I like categories – blocks here, cars here, barbies here and not “put all random miscellaneous crap here”.  Not a fan of uncategorized toys.

9. Connecting a Story – When you tell me a story and I have a story that relates I want to share it.  Not to be a “one upper” because usually my story is far less impressive, but to show I can connect with you.  I think this annoys people.  Sorry, but I probably wont stop.

10. Licorice – Specifically red vines that are fresh and soft or twizzlers pull and peel (only pull and peel because the other kind is nasty) or sour punch sour ones (does that count as licorice?).

So here’s the rules:

  • “Follow” me by clicking “Join this Site” on the right side of my blog (it’s a blue button and if you already follow me then you are half way there!)
  • Leave a comment below with one of your favorite things of all times (Only 1 comment or you will be disqualified)
  • If you share this with a friend and they do the same thing have them put your name in the comment and there's an extra chance for you to win (I'll count that as a 2nd entry for you - but they must complete all the steps for it to count)!!  
I will pick a winner at random in the next few days to win a prize package related to my favorite things. 

1 comment:

  1. Yay more free stuff I hope I win this time! So I have two things that I love the same your lemon cookies (I could eat them all day long) and Skittles Riddles (oh I want some so bad now. I meant to post when you first posted this but I was on my phone when I read it and I can never remember my google email address so I had to wait till I was on the computer