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Friday, September 21, 2012

5 Things for Friday

First: Sorry again, but this week there will not be a weekly meal plan.  We had a crazy couple weeks (in other words I wasn't able to make it home for dinner most nights) so the plan we had from 2 weeks ago is still what we are using.  I went shopping and bought everything, but haven't actually had time to make it. We have instead used up a lot of our "back up" things that I buy when it goes on sale and store for such nights.

Second: Holy cow its Friday! I'm going to try and get the family blog done tonight, but don't hold me to that.  We skipped this Monday since the plan was some one on one time with one of the girls.  Jordan and I had a "date" and tonight Taylor and I are going on a "date" for one on one time.

Again - Thank you to my awesome hubby for being super flexible and understanding.  I love you dear.

Third: I super hate dumb people that hack your accounts and then steal all your things.  Lame people.  But thankful for super awesome friends that track down those people and yell at them while you wait to get your stuff back.

Fourth: Its pay day which means I just took care of the bills for the next two weeks and get really excited when at the end of the period I will have $9 left in my account.  That friends means I had a very well budgeted month AND all our bills were paid on time with $9 left over.  I call that a victory.

Fifth: Tomorrow marks the end of Summer.  Good bye sun. HELLO Fall shows!!  I've added to my list since that blog with a few new shows.  For the record don't watch Guys With Kids...its not funny - unless you like stupid things.

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