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Monday, September 10, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #37

What kind of pet do you want?

Taylor: A butterfly because they have rainbow wings.

Jordan: I want a pink kitty with up sparkles, blue sparkles and pink sparkles, and pink fluffy on my kitty and shoes on her and no scratches.  I mean no nails or anything.  And fluffy stuff on her and I really want that on her to make her fluffy. Oh and...that's it.

Where do you want to go tomorrow?

Taylor: Um, what day is it tomorrow? Tuesday when you go to work so is gonna be spring or summer or winter or fall?  Its gonna be still summer so can I go swimming at grandpa's?

Jordan: Play game.

Who's the coolest person you know?

Taylor: Minnie Mouse.

Jordan: Mommy.

Who's the funniest person you know?

Taylor: You, mom.

Jordan: Um, daddy.

Who is the scariest person you know?

Taylor: Daddy.

Jordan: Oh, its your friend at work.

Who is the smartest person you know?

Taylor: Me, Taylor.

Jordan: You again.

Who is the loudest person you know?

Taylor: Elijah.

Jordan: Buddy's the loudest person.

Who is the weirdest person you know?

Taylor: Jordan is the weirdest.

Jordan: You!

What did you learn today?

Taylor: Azul. Wait I'm not done with that one! I also learned verde, and rojo and amarillo.

Jordan: I learned today is game.

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