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Monday, September 3, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #36

Since we just got back from a weekend of camping you get a camp themed blog. I'll post details and pictures tomorrow :)

What is the best thing about camping?

Taylor: Roasting marshmallows.

Jordan: The best thing about camping is sleeping by mama! (she climbed in my sleeping bag every night)

What is the worst thing about camping?

Taylor: The worst thing of camping is not going to the water park.

Jordan: The worst thing about camping is that YOU get me in trouble.

Who do you like going camping with?

Taylor: Momma.

Jordan: Sammy and the Doggy.

Tell me a story about camping.

Taylor: Once upon a time when we were going camping there was a ghost and I got scared, but you guys helped me, but it was not a real ghost it was actually just Sammy trying to wake me up! Silly Sammy.

Jordan: Once I had a dream then I bonked my head and said a bad word there.  Mommy! I said that I said a bad word at there!

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