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Monday, September 17, 2012

How to Get Out of Ticket

I’m posting this today since I have every intention of NOT doing the family blog tonight ::waits for audible sigh of disappointment::

I know friends, I am sorry.  My kids are the best part of this blog.  The proof is in the numbers since there are the amount of “hits” my site gets comes in this order (most hits to fewest)

1. A word in the title that seems very dramatic in a negative way like “Death” “Horrific” “Depressing” – No seriously those get significantly more hits then anything else.  Its like looking at a car accident when you keep telling yourself not to, you just can’t help it. 60 – 70 Readers
2. So Sayith Tay and Jay blogs.  30 – 40 Readers
3. Regular blogs. 20 – 30 Readers
4. Blogs I do not post to facebook. 5 – 10 Readers

I wonder where this blog will fall…

So now why I’m really writing.  To give you something since my plan is to go out with Taylor tonight.

The something is the subject of how to get out of a ticket (hence the title).

A couple of weeks ago (sorry I didn’t give you this need to know information sooner) I was taking Taylor to school.  I was running a little late for some reason and was looking at the clock hoping I would make it barely on time.

Then behind me the dreaded blue and red lights flash.  ::big sigh::

I begin to pull over and explain to Taylor that I have to stop and talk to the police officer.

She asks why.

I sat trying to think of a reason and finally said I wasn’t sure.  I honestly was visualizing a checklist in my head:

Seatbelt? Check
Speeding? No
Stopped at red light? Yes
Turn Signal? Yes

The cop came up to my window and I greeted him far friendlier then I had imagined I would.  I didn’t think I would be rude the joyous bubbly voice that came out of my mouth did not feel like mine.

He asked for the usual (License, Registration, and Insurance) and with each word I cringed and thought crap…I don’t know if I have ANY of those things with me.

License: We were at Disneyland the night before and I took it out of my wallet so I didn’t have to carry my purse.  Did it make it back in my purse? After about 3 minutes of digging I discovered – Yes it did.

Registration: I was worried my sticker would get stolen so I hadn’t put it on my car (why I got pulled over), but also wasn’t sure if it ever made it from my kitchen counter to my car.  After flipping through 5 years worth of registrations (I should take them out of my car) I discovered that it did make it.  Score 2.

Insurance:  I had to call my insurance company the day before and took my card out of my wallet to get the info off of it while at work.  Did it make it from my desk to my purse? Not it did not.  Oops.

So after explaining all of this to the cop and apologizing for not having my insurance like 500 times he started to walk away to what I assume was give me the ticket…then here’s what went down:

Taylor: Mommy are we going to be late to school now?
Me: Probably, sorry baby.
Taylor: I don’t want to be late
Me: Sorry, mommy made a mistake and didn’t put a sticker on the car so the police officer has to get me a ticket
Officer: Are you on your way to take her to school?
Me: Yeah
Officer: Well if you get out really quick and put this sticker on you can probably get her to school on time
Me: Really?! Thank you!
Officer: Just make sure and get this on ::hands me all my things and walks away::
Taylor: Hurry mommy!

So if you want to get out of ticket have a stinking adorable 5 year old in the back seat who is very concerned about being late to whatever you are on your way to.

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  1. wow that was lucky and I am sad because of no family blog night but I shall be ok as long as I get one next week!.