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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Jordan's Curl

This blog has 2 meanings.  It's about Jordan's Curl.

I first was decided I needed to write this when I started to get pictures ready for Jordan's 4 year old blog and looked at pictures before we cut her hair.  Jordan had the cutest little curls just at the end of her hair.  Her baby hair. 

I knew if I cut it the curls were be gone so I waited over 3 years to cut it!  But it was needed and her short little cut fit her personality so well.  It was probably only me that mourned the loss of the curls.

Now the 2nd meaning behind Jordan's Curl is related to her trusty ol' dog.  Jordan has a beanie baby puppy she got from my parents sometime around her birth.  This is one of those toys that has been through a lot.  It has battle wounds to prove it.

She didn't have a name for this puppy for a long time.  Finally maybe a year or so ago she named it "Marley".  Our assumption is that the name came from watching Marley and Me.  So Marley has been through a lot.  Its not uncommon to walk into the girls' room and see Marley in a baby bed tucked in nice and tight.  Or see Marley hanging from Jordan's mouth (by his little ear) when she is upset.  Marley currently has a bracelet around his neck for a collar and a piece of shiny fabric tied to his head to look like a veil or hair maybe (not sure what Jordan was going for).  I need to take a picture so I can show you that later.

About a week ago Jordan announced "Marley's name isn't Marley now its Curl".  We made her repeat the name like 10 times trying to understand what she was saying...I mean why name him Curl?! Who knows.

But the trusty puppy is now named Curl.  I think subconsciously Jordan' misses her hair curls too and is substituting them with her puppy for comfort.  I know I am.

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