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Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas in 4 Easy Steps

I’m going to make this as brief and informative as possible.  Brief: Because I’m sort of lazy today.  Informative: Because that’s what the blog does – informs you of what’s happening in our crazy little home.

Step 1

Christmas Eve: My parent’s house
We headed to my Parent’s house after lunch and spent time just hanging out and chatting before opening gifts.  After the gifts were opened we made breakfast for dinner and ate heaps of French toast, apple pancakes, hash browns, eggs, and banana bread.

Step 2

Christmas Morning: Justin’s Dad’s House
After opening our stockings we ate breakfast and headed over to Justin’s dad’s house.  We grabbed lunch on the way and ate when we got there.  Yay for McDonald’s nuggets on Christmas!  We opened presents where the girls both got a LeapPad and Elijah got a batter powered rideable Lightning McQueen car.  Which in true Elijah fashion he is terrified of (picture below is from a week later and this was as close to the car as I could get him).

Step 3

Christmas Afternoon: Justin’s Cousin’s House
Pack up the kids and new toys and head to Michelle’s for great food and snacks.  Listen to people call Justin Amish due to his horrible face hair.  Listen to Taylor whine about the lack of “bounce house” (the trampoline died).

Step 4

2 Days Post Christmas Dinner: Justin’s Mom’s Boyfriend’s House
Justin and the kids head over for dinner.  Kids get surprised with a trip to Disney on Ice and binoculars to help enjoy the show.  Kids get special goodies while at show.  Kids return exhausted while Justin spends his alone time playing his new Wii U

I didn’t take many pictures because I am bad at that. 

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