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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Where Babies Come From

So Taylor was looking at some wedding pictures and commented on what happened after the wedding.  Justin felt the need to share with me what came out of her mouth so here's how the conversation went:

Justin: Taylor where do babies come from?
Taylor: When you roll around on the bed and kiss.
Me: What?!
Taylor: I learned it from Marley and Me

This happened in the car on the way to an impromptu dinner at Benihana's for Taylor's birthday where she tried a crunch roll and decided she loved it and ate 3 pieces which mean I only had 1.  But it was her birthday dinner so who can complain.  On the way home the conversation went like this:

Taylor: There is nothing that will make me not eat a crunch roll
Justin and I: ::laugh::
Taylor: Except if it has poison in it

At least she makes wise life choices.

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