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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Who Doesn't Love Strawberry?

I think I’m caught up on things or at least things I can remember at this point.  I do have things to share about celebrating my not so baby girl for her upcoming birthday this Friday, but that can wait until we have ended the festivities.

Can you believe Taylor will be 6 THIS FRIDAY?! 

That’s not why I’m writing though.  I’m writing because of one of those moments I had today.  When something small triggers a sudden flood of uncontrolled emotion.

I’m not gonna lie – that uncontrolled emotion for me is usual anger at some idiot from my past. Today it was not.

You know those small strawberry candies.  The ones with the gooey/chew center and the wrapper is a kind of foil that looks like a strawberry (see picture below).

Well somebody had some of those in our galley at work today.

Those were one of my favorite candies growing up and the person who seemed to remember that the most was my Grandpa Meier.

There was one time we were visiting him and he gave me the biggest bag I had ever seen of these delicious candies with very specific instructions.

I remember it vividly with his beer can in one hand and the smell of cigarettes on his breath as he leaned toward me and said “You better not share any of those.  They are just for you”.

I am neither fond of beer nor cigarettes, but my Grandpa definitely was and I was definitely fond of him.

As I grabbed one of those candies from the galley and popped it and my mouth the familiar flavor came with a tear running down my cheek as I then remembered standing at work in the back office counting cash several years ago and getting a phone call from my daddy telling me my Grandpa had passed away.

We knew it was coming… his fondness for beer and cigarettes for most of his life had been taking its toll for awhile, but when that moment comes the pain is no different.

So this blog is in memory of my Grandpa and an acknowledgement that whenever I eat or see one of these small strawberry candies I will think of him.

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