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Monday, January 7, 2013

It's "Time" for a Fight

If you’ve been married for awhile or probably even if you’ve been dating for awhile you know those fights that are reoccurring.

One of ours revolves around our poor sense of time.

I assume things take longer then they do.

Justin assumes things take less time then they do.

How does this translate you ask?

It means I overstress about how much time we have left to do something or get somewhere so we fight and then if I have my way end up way early.

It means Justin always assumes he has plenty of time left to do something or get somewhere so we fight and then if he has his way we end up late.

Being the good wife that I am we had one of these instances this Sunday where I so desperately wanted to shout I TOLD YOU SO! When he underestimated how long it would take him to get done and I over estimated.  I didn’t.  But I guess I am now and when he reads this he will see my small (yet slightly over exaggerated) victory.

He asked if he could take a “quick shower” before he left for church to which I responded if by quick he meant 10 minutes and not 20 like it usually takes him.

He accused me of over exaggerating and jumped in the shower.

The shower turned on at 6:52.  The shower turned off at 7:10.  If you notice that was 18 minutes.  I say much closer then 20 then to 10 minutes which resulted in him leaving nearly 10 minutes after the time I think he should have left.

Granted the time I think he should have left would have probably made him way early since I am probably over exaggerating the time it takes to get to church and buy donuts, but still.  His “quick” shower was nearly 20 minutes like I said it was and not 10 like he implied.

I win.

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