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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Uncle Sam's New Job

It might just be me, but I doubt it is.  Maybe I just doubt it since I want to feel like I’m not the only stupid one out there.

I live under the assumption that when my car starts doing something weird I most likely have time before I need to get it looked at and don’t tend to get it in right away.

About a month ago while driving I noticed that I felt this constant bumping like I was always driving on the bumps between lanes on the road.

I figured I had to take my car in to get the brakes done in about a month so I’d just wait until then.

On December 27th I was supposed to drive some youth to San Diego with me in my car.  Events occurred where that did not happen.  I say it was by God’s grace those events happened they way they did.

I finally got my car in to see the “car doctor” as we refer to it in my house to help my kids understand what a mechanic is.  FYI I have the most amazing car doctor. Fox Auto Care.  If you live by us you should definitely go to them.

They are honest: like I got my oil changed at a dealership and they told me I needed X Y and Z changed and when I took it to Fox Auto Care they told me I was fine – I just saved $500 in repairs.

They are kind: they always talk to me about more then just my car and ask how things are going

They are a great price/deal: they have facebook, AAA, and coupon discounts!

They produce great work: I’ve never had to take something back after they fixed it.

And they did not pay me or anything to say stuff.  I just love them and wanted to share my love.

I found out that my brakes still had some time, but the bumping was one of my tires falling apart!  What the heck!  And then something else to do with something to do with fuel something.

We got the car back late Monday night which meant Justin was carless on Monday and could not pick up Taylor from school.

Taylor was overjoyed when that meant that Uncle Sam got to pick her up from school.

Taylor: Can uncle Sam pick me up everyday?
Me: No that’s daddy’s job
Taylor: Did uncle Sam come because your car is at the workshop?
Me: Yes
Taylor: Can daddy give uncle Sam money so his new job can be to pick me up?

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