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Monday, June 27, 2016

K F C Pee

So the title of this blog is K F C Pee.  I'd like to start by saying the KFC and the Pee are not actually related in any way other than they are funny stories I wanted to share.

Story 1: KFC

Let's start with KFC.  Now, us seasoned members of society know that K.F.C. is an acronym for Kentucky Friend Chicken (ignoring the fact they tried to change the name to something else).  But imagine you are young child learning to read.  Sounding out words and trying to make sense of the mess that is the English Language.

So when you see a building named KFC you naturally try to sound that out.  And all your parents hear in the front seat is Kuh-Fuh:K over and over and over again.  And naturally your parents freak out that you are cursing in the back seat of the car only to realize you are trying to "read" KFC.

Story 2: Pee

When you are 6 and excited to go fishing on Papa's boat for the first time your parent's will tell you to go to the bathroom before you go.  And obviously you will ignore them and insist you do not need to go.  An hour or so into the boat/fish ride you will suddenly have to go NOW or you might explode.  And your papa will tell you to stand up and pee into the water.

Now if you are a 6 year old scardy-cat (like my son) you will find standing up in the boat terrifying (you are barely OK with sitting in the boat with your death grip on the side).  Your mom will assure you she will hold you.  You will drop your shorts, crying the entire time until the flow begins.  Than you will laugh hysterically as you get to pee into the water, outside, breeze blowing and all.

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