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Monday, June 13, 2016

So Sayith Tay, Jay, and Eli #10

Who is the strongest person you know, why?
Taylor: Dad, because he lifted up you. Wait wait...take back dad.  God.
Jordan: Daddy, because he does so much exercises that he sweats.
Elijah: Daddy, because he lift me up.

Who is the tallest person you know, why?
Taylor: God, because he's the biggest.
Jordan: Our Uncle Ben, because my mom told me (they don't have an uncle Ben)
Elijah: Daddy, because he's bigger than mommy.  That's why he's strong.

Who is the smartest person you know, why?
Taylor: God, he created us and 1 million types of flowers.
Jordan: Mom, because you've done college and daddy didn't.
Elijah: Everybody, because they have brains inside their heads

Who is the fastest person you know, why?
Taylor: God, because he can do anything.
Jordan: Me, because I run so fast to the mail.
Elijah: It's only me because I'm fast like ::blinks really fast::

Who is the funniest person you know, why?
Taylor: Matthew, he fake trips and it looks real.
Jordan: Malachi, he was running all the way to the little sand table and he go sand on it, wait...let me show you ::acts out some madness::
Elijah: Daddy, I mean me! Because he tickles me.

Who is the prettiest person you know, why?
Taylor: My mom, because she has awesome hair.
Jordan: Mom, because you wear makeup (I don't actually)
Elijah: Home momma.  ::why am I home momma?:: hahahahaha home momma, because you're a home. You're stuck here.

Who is the loudest person you know, why?
Taylor: My sister and brother because they annoy me.
Jordan: Taylor, because she's like ::insert scream::..::she reads over my shoulder and whispers:: she screams so loud...write that.
Elijah: E-Lie-Juh.  Because ::yells:: I AM ELIJAH!

Who is the goofiest person you know, why?
Taylor: Dada, because he makes funny jokes and he plays with me.
Jordan: Elijah, because he's like oka laka oka laka
Elijah: goofy da booboo ::points to self::

Who is the happiest person you know, why?
Taylor: Not God, because he is sad of our sins.
Jordan: Me, because I smile a lot.
Elijah: Daddy and you because I cuddle with you.

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