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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Lick Her

This will be short, but so worth the read... unless you don't like adorable kids saying hilarious things...then just go away.

Taylor (age 9): mom, what does L:I:Q:U:O:R spell?

Me: sound it out

Jordan (age 7): lick-el-ur...liiiiiick....ellll...ur

Me: why are you adding an extra L?

Jordan: ick-el-ur

Taylor: lick-er?

Justin: yes

Taylor: what's lick-er?

Elijah (age 6): hahahahahahahaha.  Lick her! It's a lick her store!  Like, what even is that!?  Like I have a Popsicle and they'll lick it for me? hahahahaha

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