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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The Pizza Puzzle

I like food.  I especially like free food.  If you know me than this is not new information.  If you don't know me I'm surprised you are reading this - Hello stranger, welcome to my brain - continue at your own risk.

So on Monday I got an email from ZPizza to tell me I could buy 1 get 1 free small pizza! So for $10 I could get 3-4 lunches out of that thing.  Yes please!

My pizzas were amazing and I ate my 4 slices (leaving 12 more).  I stuck the remaining slices all into 1 of the pizza boxes, tossed the extra box, and stuck the pizza in the fridge to enjoy for the rest of the week.

So here we are today.  I go to get a couple slices of my amazing pizza for a late breakfast and discover 4 slices in the box.  I ponder the reason 8 slices of pizza are missing.  I figure I only THOUGHT I combined all the pizzas to 1 box and by mistake threw away the other pizza.  SO sad.  I like food.  I do not like throwing away good food.

Fast forward to a little later in the day and I go to get my final 2 pieces for lunch.  As I am eating them I am realizing the pizza is much more spicy than I remember.  I look down to see pepper flakes on it.  Now I know for a fact that these were NOT there before and I did NOT add them.  So I ponder again. 

I think somebody claimed my pizza! Somebody ate my other pizza.  Somebody intended to eat what was remaining (hence the added pepper flakes).  But who?  Who would eat somebody's leftovers - some stranger's leftovers.  Of course my head pictures this stranger to be a sneaky/greasy black and white villain like Boris Badenov.

And because I pictured the pizza thief in this way - I should be grossed out about the greasy black and white culprit touching my food, and I assume NOT washing their hands before doing so, then putting the pizza back in the box for me to eat.

But since I didn't ponder these ponderings until the pizza was done I figure it's too late to be grossed out.  But beware...there is pizza bandit on the loose - and now I don't have delicious lunch for my last 2 days this week.

1 comment:

  1. I had someone steal a slice of my pizza leftovers a week or so ago... someone at work is a pizza thief!