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Friday, June 24, 2016

The Ice Chest Dilemma

So if you are friends with us on Facebook, you know we just spent a week in the sun and dirt.  What you don't know is how the trip started.

12:00 PM: Because I have an awesome boss, I was able to work a half day on Thursday to spend the afternoon packing.

3:00  PM: I finished packing the bags and began packing the ice chests knowing I wanted to be out of my house around 7. I filled the first ice chest and realized the 2nd (which we borrowed from my father-in-law) would not fit the rest of the food sitting in my fridge.  I, very frustratingly, looked at Justin and told him I was off to Costco to buy a bigger one.

4:00 PM: On the way to Costco I was lucky enough to discover the power out on the main street that meant backed up traffic.

6:30 PM: Costco plus a very confusing phone conversation with my hubby resulted in me arriving at my house with an ice chest that was actually too big for his car.

7:00 PM: SO back to Costco, this time with the whole family.  Returned the massive ice chest and then to Walmart to find one of a better size.

8:30 PM: Finally leaving Walmart with 2 small ice chests that are pretty awesome.

9:30 PM: Start loading Justin's car and realize there isn't enough room.  So instead we remove the middle row on my new mini-van and begin packing it up instead.  Because we had to load through the side doors we moved Justin's car to a side parking spot.  ALSO found out the ice chest we borrowed leaks and had a slightly flooded back to our SUV.

10:30 PM: Finish packing the car and look over to Justin's car to notice the complex security with it's lights on behind it getting ready to have it towed because we were not in our parking spot.  I apologize about 595 times and somehow manage to drive away with no penalties.

11:00 PM: We're in the car, only 4 hours later than planned, headed to my parents for a few hours of sleep before our trek starting at 4:00 AM.  About half a mile on the freeway traffic stops.  An accident in the left lane has the 4 left lanes closes.

11:15 PM: Pass the accident and find that the 4 right lanes are now closed for construction.

12:00 AM: A 30 minute drive turned into an hour long drive - arrive at my parents knowing I have 4 hours of sleep ahead of me before a 6+ hour drive.

But hey, we had 2 new ice chests, I had a mini van that actually fit all of our camping gear, AND I was leaving for a much needed vacation for our family in a time of change (change we got to ignore for a whole week).  I mean, how is THIS not distracting???

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