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Thursday, June 30, 2016

So Sayith Tay, Jay, and Eli #11

Camping Edition:

What was the best part about camping?

Taylor: I got to hang out with grandma and grandpa

Jordan: Mines is that I got cuddle time with grandma in her tent
Elijah: Playing

What was the worst part about camping?

Taylor: That I was on a rock and I tripped and I fell in the water

Jordan: That it was windy
Elijah: Nothing

What was the grossest part about camping?

Taylor: When I was cleaning the fish and there was blood

Jordan: me too!
Elijah: Nothing

Tell me the funniest story you can think of about our camping trip.

Taylor: That Elijah had to pee in the lake

Jordan: That Taylor almost fell in the water when we were camping and that my knees got all wet and covered in dirt
Elijah: I didn't have any jokes that were funny to me.  It's not funny to me.

What did you do all day when you were camping?

Taylor: Talk to Garrett

Jordan: Ok a little bit of roasting marshmallows and talking to Garrett
Elijah: Do nothing.

What did daddy do all day when we were camping?

Taylor: Fishing at 4 pm in the morning

Jordan: Sleep
Elijah: Nothing

What did mommy do all day when we were camping?

Taylor: She had cuddle time

Jordan: Stay outside and not stay in the tent when I was sick
Elijah: Nothing

Where was the funnest place you went while camping?

Taylor: The place I got the rocks

Jordan: Ice Cream
Elijah: I don't know what to choose.  The ice cream place

What did you miss most while camping?

Taylor: My Scooby Dooby Blanket

Jordan: My playroom
Elijah: My toys, like a lot of toys.

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