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Friday, July 22, 2016

1 of 11

See what I did there?? I covered my mistake(s) in the countdown by starting to count up! I'm a genius! A genius who can't count or look at a calendar.

I will not being doing count UP lists.  That seems a bit much. I'm sure a count down was a bit much, but you are still reading so it was probably worth it.

So today's "fact"? Today's story? Actually, it isn't for you! It's for my husband, but you are welcome to read it because I love him and you should all know it.

Hey Fat Face,

I had my dream man all pictured by the time I was 16.  I was very wise at 16 and had a great list of dos & donts, of haves & have nots, and of wills and will nots.  Important things like he would have blonde hair, blue eyes, and NO chest hair (I would have added back hair, but I didn't know that was a thing).  Then there was you.  This funny guy that stood next to me in choir.  The guy who would elbow me to make me laugh when trying to hold a note.  The guy I accidentally felt up trying to be funny like him and "tap his leg" when trying to hold a note. 

The first day I saw you upset because of girl (a friend of mine no less) and we spent the ENTIRE bus ride to LA talking and becoming friends.  I didn't realize then that my brain was forming a new "man of dreams".  Maybe it was all flirting, but your compassion and heart during that time were amazing to me.  You went out of your way for me and you barely knew me.  You made me laugh - the kind of laughing that made my cheeks and belly sore.  It didn't hurt that you had the cutest dimples that accompanied your mischievous smile.

Eventually I realized that I wanted to be more than a friend (it took me awhile).  But once I realized it, I was certain you were "it" for me.  In 10 years we've made a LOT of mistakes - we do not fight well.  However, in 10 years we've learned from almost all of those mistakes.  We've grown.  Our relationship has morphed into something awesome.  Somebody even asked us to give marriage advice because we had a "good marriage", how did that happen??

You put up with my stubbornness and need to control everything.  You calm me down when I stress over absolutely nothing.  You never have to say it, and you may not even realize you are doing it, but you constantly help me to step back and remember that the only peace and joy in this world comes from God.  I am the wife, mother, and child of God I am today because of your awesome leadership and compassion.  I know I am NOT an easy woman to "lead", so thank you.

I know this year has sucked for you in a lot of ways.  I hope I show/tell you enough that all the sucky stuff that could leave you feeling defeated don't define you.  I know that's tacky, but I said it so deal with it.  I also meant it.  You are awesome.  I love you.  I wouldn't want to go through life with anyone else (for realsies - you know I couldn't remarry so don't die).


PS You may not have made me cry on our wedding day - but writing this blog totally made me cry.  I am so stupid blessed to have you even if sometimes I want to throw a shoe at your face.

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