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Monday, July 18, 2016

6 to 10

Now you've had things that drive us crazy about each other.  You've had things interesting we've learned about each other.  And you've had awesome things about Justin.  And since Justin is swamped with homework today I'm improvising with a new list.  Today's list is a list of weird couple things we do.

  1. When one of us says "now" the other must respond by saying exactly what's on his/her mind in that moment.
  2. Because we understand each other and our crazy since of humor we can get away with the following.  I'm sure this would end most relationships.  We "love" each other by being overly (and jokingly) rude to each other.  This quite frequently includes things like "You're so dumb", "Nobody likes you anyway", and "I hate your face".  My coworkers know I'm talking to him on the phone, not because I say "I love you", but because I call him smelly or lame.
  3. If you see us holding hands you may notice our thumbs wiggling around.  There is no need to be alarmed.  This is just our thumbs making out.
  4. A threat of "fine, just sleep on the couch" results in a very happy husband who translates that to mean "fine, just stay up all night playing video games.  I feel the need to say I have never actually used that threat and meant it - it is just said in line with #2.
  5. I do not like to spend money, but when I decide to do it I make big purchases without thinking.  "Justin, I think we need a TV. Let's go NOW!"  Justin is much more thoughtful when it comes to large purchases and has talked me out of many, but he is much more likely to make many small purchases.
  6. We will usually gladly get something for each other like, "can you grab a cup of water for me?"  However, we will often be very UNlikely to do it if we are sitting down already.  This typically results in one of us yelling, "WAIT DON'T SIT DOWN" right before somebody sits.  It's usually me doing the yelling.

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