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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

5 to 10

Because he has been able to work his butt off today and get homework done he is getting to do 5 awesome things about me.  I like that :)

  1. She takes care of me like nobody's business. Pushed me to get back into school and looked through options (granted this is one of the things she loves to do anyways but still), now while I'm in school she has taken on a lot of the house work, (probably more than necessary) so that I can get my work done and not go insane, she helps me watch my diet even though I hate it, it should be happening and she makes good food. 
  2. She likes video games (a lot of them at least) But I do have to let her play first or else she won't play them herself lol, and she enjoys watching me play some games. Like I mentioned before though shooters and MOBAs are not her cup of tea so that stinks since those can be crazy addicting when they're good haha.
  3. She doesn't hold a grudge. Granted, I'm sure a lot of females don't hold to the grudgy (that will be a word now) stereotype, but either way she does not and I love her lack of bitterness. Even beyond this she pays me more respect then I'm sure that I'm due.
  4. She actually finds me impressive at times. I don't know how but I've heard her say it, and she was being serious! She has always been super encouraging and supportive which blows me away, especially since anyone who knows me has seen how I rock that line between mediocrity and "hey, he's not so bad". Seriously though, she keeps me goin.
  5. Most important of all, she puts up with my all of my nonsense. Whether it be the truly idiotic, classic failure as a husband kind, or my goofing around cause it's hilarious side (yes, always hilarious, one day she'll appreciate all of it). We are always able to work things out AND she does actually laugh at me more than she would care to admit. I honestly highly doubt that any other women would have been able to make this marriage as awesome as she has. And that's just plain fact so I don't need your comparison.


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