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Friday, July 15, 2016

9 to 10

For today's countdown list you will get 9 things I have learned about Justin in the last 10 years - and stories to go with (as applicable).

  1. It's 9 things about Justin because his favorite number is 9.
  2. He talks and interacts with me in his sleep.  My favorite was the time he woke me up by grabbing both of my shoulders and licking up my back. Drool dripping from chin he smiled and said, "mmm, ice cream".  I punched his shoulder and he looked at me confused.  I asked him why he licked me and he sleepily said, "I didn't!"
  3. He smells things.  What is that? I don't know...let me smell it! Like finding a red goopy puddle in the Youth room after a sleep over.  He ponders...what is it? His solution...stick my finger in it and smell it (it was flaming hot Cheetos vomit by the way)
  4. His mouth is an echo chamber.  He is maybe the only person alive that can make eating string cheese loud.
  5. He laughs at himself before he says something funny (or at least that he thinks is funny).  I know he is about to make some sort of witty comment because I hear a small chuckle as warning.
  6. In order to poop he takes off everything from waist down.  I do not understand the need to get nearly naked to poop.  This is an oddity he and his best friend have in common.
  7. He is a very patient man...unless you are driving anywhere near him.  Then he hates you and thinks you are abomination. 
  8. He has an epic sweet tooth.  He can never say no to a brownie, chocolate chip cookie, or a coke.
  9. A perfect day for him is a day with friends playing games (board or video).

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