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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

4 and 3 to 10

So this one time I thought it was the 13th, but it was actually the 14th which meant this totally awesome countdown was a day off.  I don't know what kind of loser makes that mistake.  But let's all feel bad for her and say, you're life's crazy...we get it... Group Hug!

And because lists are awesome she didn't want to skip a day so you get 2 for the price of one...well more like 7 for the price of 1...or something like that.  So here you go:

4 to 10: The four best dates ever

  1. The night we first hung out - the story deserves it's own blog...and it has one! Read it - you'll love it especially if you love sappy little stories.
  2. The time he surprised me at work (as mentioned in an early list this week).  He took me to the beach (because unlike him I find the beach awesome) and we had dinner at a beach view restaurant. Actually the picture below from 2009 was from that date.
  3. That time we saw Wicked.  It was amazing and probably the best musical I've seen.  I want to see it again 10 times and them make a blog counting down the 10 days until I see it for my 10th time.
  4. When he surprised me and took me to see Newsies.  Sadly the play was just OK.  It was good, but the changed some things that didn't' need to be changed.  The best part of that night was actually on our way out we saw Taylor Williamson chilling in the back and we talked to him, and took a picture, and he made a video for our kids.  AWESOME

3 to 10: The 3 worst dates ever
  1. For my 21st birthday he took me to Macaroni Grill. They usually have some opera singer or something sing to you, but she/he was not there that night.  Then as soon as we got to the car I puked in the bushes... this was pre-marriage (and he still married me!)  I am likely one of the few people that can say "I puked my brains out on my 21st birthday...and I didn't have a single drink of alcohol to make this occur"
  2. Actually...also the night we first hung out...AFTER the cute hang out thing he decided 2 AM was good time to take me to his mom's house, wake her up, and introduce us.  Thank the Lord she doesn't recall this first meeting.
  3. The time we thought it was a good idea to see a movie called "40 Year Old Virgin" we neglected any rational thought on that one.  Why would it be a descent "clean" movie.  That was a bad life choice (although funny)



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