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Saturday, July 16, 2016

8 to 10

I am handing the blog over to Justin for tonight so he can create his list of 8 things he's learned about me over the years.  I'd say "enjoy", but who knows what you are about to get.

  1. That spread sheets are not only fun, but a satisfying way to spend her day. Seriously if you have something you want put through excel you will make her happy, kinda like if you had just given me free chocolate shakes for the day, or a day of video gaming.
  2. This ties into the kind of video games she likes playing. They either have to have a strong story, or mindless task mastering. I'd say that this combination is what got her to like World of Warcraft but she actually never read any of their story elements ...... It is nice having a wife that likes games though
  3. She has very strange eating habits, she has a thing for textures which isn't too rare, but she also hates pork unless it is in the form of bacon (sucks to be her right?). Even more surprising is that she will not eat chicken that she has cooked. Why will she not eat Cheee-kan (5th element reference that she loves) that she has cooked? this is a great wonder great minds have not been able to understand. Also, I don't think she likes it on the bone in general.
  4. She also doesn't "prefer" chocolate. She'll claim that she hates it, but the problem with this is that she will occasionally have chocolate, like a brownie for instance (that I could have eaten). Or when she eats a snickers she eats the chocolate off first to save the best for last. Eats it, does not scrape it off for my chocolate-loving-self, but eats it. Therefore she does not "hate" chocolate, instead she does not "prefer" it.
  5. Speaking of things that she finds distasteful. I have found that she will gag and the thought of anything that is gross. Mold or old milk for instance will make her gag at the mere thought (she probably just gagged while reading this). Especially if you talk about touching it like saying "man wouldn't you love to run mold all over your hands like you were washing in it?", or "I just squeezed that old milk and it was squishing right through my fingers, i think I got some in my mouth." (I know she gagged right after this). These are disgusting things, don't get me wrong, but most people don't visibly gag at them lol. One that is not as usual is the idea of a pill touching the tongue (she hates when I dry swallow them), or the thought of someone eating margarine by itself. This is something I did as a kid and now our kids do it. the problem is I find these reactions fascinating and hilarious and the kids do as well. poor Rachael.
  6. I've found that I can be pretty "mean" when I talk to her (playing around of coarse) but if I call her "woman" she will give me a look and get quiet, which I think means she's contemplating whether or not I need to be alive anymore. It has gotten to the point that most people who are close to us know who's on the phone when I answer in a crafty, hilarious comment that would seem mean in a normal situation. If you ever hear me answer the phone in this way it mean you have reached a privileged family friend status because you understand. (disclaimer: I do not recommend this as a great way to be a couple, I have to be extra loving to show how fake my meanness is :P)
  7. Pre-marriage I found out that she did not like her face wet, which would cause her to flip out, somewhat violently, if this happened. Later I even found out that the thought of this, as well, will drive her insane although not as horribly as the previously noted. This means that I had countless hours of fun via a quick wet hand to her forehead or cheek. Wet via licking my hand or Ice made no difference. So if your face is ever wet while around her and you don't dry it off you may get her to start squirming. This needs to happen in a place where it shouldn't be wet (for instance a pool or shower is off limits), and is heightened if you have dried off the rest of your body except your face (I bet she just squirmed again).
  8. She is probably one of the most thoughtful, understanding, and caring people I know, which is why I'm probably able to get away with messing with her like I do. She will take care of you when you need it, and if she knows you're struggling she'll be on her game to get you through it (as long as it doesn't involve heavy socializing). She puts up with me even when it's not messing around and I'm just being a complete inept fool. She will understand how I'm screwing up, and attempt to be patient with me as I get through it, all the while taking care of me (as long as she has calmed down 🙂. She is awesome and beautiful inside and out, and I'm not sure how I lucked out in getting to spend my life with her (although I think following up a crappy boyfriend helped 🙂 ). I could probably go on more about the fun and awesome things I've learned about my all so interesting wife but I've been told this is the magic number for this evening thanks to her count down'ish thing she is doing.


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