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Thursday, July 21, 2016

2 to 10

Let's keep it real.  I thought of doing this countdown when I thought I was a day behind and I actual anniversary can be day "1" right?  Sure it can! I'm making this up as I go.  The problem is I've been calling it 6 to 10...4 to 10.. so on our anniversary (a mere hour away) it would be 1 to 10 an that makes no sense.  But it's 11.  I'm tired.  Justin's grumpy. And the kids are STILL up talking.  So I'll think of some way to make it all seem like it was planned correctly tomorrow.  So the list of 2 (is that still a list?)

The most memorable moment from our wedding day:
  1. Justin: Leading up to our wedding I knew I wanted to sing a song to Raych (probably because I apparently like music and stuff), and I knew it would be a Tyrone Wells song because we both think he's awesome plus he has a lot of great songs that would fit. So I went back and forth (not for too long though) and ended up picking "looking at her face" cause it fit, it was a beautiful song... it was just perfect. So I got it all ready and had this cool plan to surprise her before our first dance and it all went to great. She was brought to the middle of the dance floor and sat in a chair, confused out of her mind, and I started playing just as I entered the room (I think David Hart got my guitar ready for me). I think my voice only cracked once and my cheeks started hurting cause I was smiling so much. I'd never really had a "song" with anyone before but that is now it. However, with all that said, the one thing I will never forget about this moment is how every other women, every single female in the room, started crying EXCEPT Raych. Apparently everyone else was more excited.
  2. Rachael: There are actually many, but the first one is oddly related to Sam (who was the best man).  Because like a normal we were doing our vows I may have stopped listening to the pastor at some point.  And while staring into nothingness I caught a glimpse of Sam and naturally winked at him all flirty like.  I was NOT flirting, it just happened.  So there you have it.  I flirted with best man OVER my soon-to-be husband's shoulder during the pastor's speechy thingy.  And then there was that awkward moment that when our first dance was supposed to start Justin put a chair in the middle of the room and made me sit on it...then he came out with a guitar and sang me an amazing song then we finished by dancing to that song.  It was awesome, although he was disappointed he didn't make me cry.



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