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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Just Don’t Get It

I am not a Valentine’s Day type person. I just don’t get it. If there is a day where your significant other is “forced” to do something “special” is it really special?

If I get a rose on Valentine’s Day – Thanks

If I get a rose on another completely random day – WOW! They are thinking of me.

I just don’t get it.

So what did the Davis’ do for Valentine’s Day?

We got our mail which had cards for the kids from Great Grandpa Harold. They also contained Wendy’s Gift Cards. So we called Great Grandpa to say thank you then loaded the car and went to Wendy’s.

We brought our food home and watched a movie together. The “special” part of then night was the eating out and watching a movie. I’m pretty driven to eat meals at the table as a family so this doesn’t happen very often in our home.

After dinner Justin noticed that his other significant other (Sam of course) posted a picture on his wall. A picture of Sam with games. Games that Sam “would not buy” (hint: he bought them). And since they are fun games that must be played. Sam came over and we played the game.

It was a pretty perfect day. Much like any other day – which is how I like it. It didn’t hurt any that I won the first game – barely. But I won.

I do love those Amazons (don’t try to understand this unless you play the game too)

I just don’t get Valentine’s Day.

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