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Friday, February 24, 2012

One of Those Mommy Momments

I have written a couple of blogs about things I will miss when the kids are older. I do this to help remind myself that although they can be insanely frustrating the non-frustrating times are some of the most precious moments in my life.

Reminding myself is, however, useless in the moment. Last night was one of those nights.

Taylor is my drama queen – we all know this (she’s totally me which forces me to admit my drama queen side). Jordan is my mischievous one. Elijah is – well we’re still figuring that out.

Last night my girls decided to change things up on me. The night started off pretty well. The Fox’s came over and we had some Teriyaki chicken, rice, and ginger marinated veggies. Well that’s what everyone else ate – I have a weird chicken issue (I should tell you all about it sometime) so I had refried beans and cheese for my protein and then my ginger veggies.

Dinner was accomplished with very little mayhem. Mayhem is a great word and should be used far more often. Justin left for church and then Jordan decided that she was tired of being the obedient (mischievous) one. Every thing you told her was the end of world that resulted in an epic 2 year style tantrum of screaming and kicking on the floor. She was ridiculous! I knew she didn’t get a nap that day and kept reminding myself that as I tried to handle her choice in behavior in that moment. It didn’t go to well. Eventually out of pure frustration I sent her to bed for the night – about 30 minutes earlier then bedtime. She screamed so loud for about 5 minutes she actually made her voice hoarse!

I got her out of bed to talk to her, now that my frustration was cut into about half. I was willing to let her stay up for the 20 minutes she had left before bedtime to watch a movie with Taylor as long as she stopped her whining. It mostly worked… by mostly did not work too well for my already frustrated self.

I was getting something done with the camera and having the kids take turns saying something. Since Jordan’s eyes were all puffy from the crying and she was still trying to catch her breath from the screaming I told her I would wait for her turn until she could calm down.

She seemed to agree with that statement – of course until somebody else got a turn. As soon as I got what I needed/wanted on camera Jordan would scream in the background “I want a turn” – just in time to ruin the video. ::sigh::

I gave up and snapped at her and sent her to bed. I was done – very done – very exhausted – very frustrated.

Not my proudest mommy moment at all, but still a moment that happened ::big sigh::

So today I choose to call her while I’m at work just to tell her how much I love her. And for the record – while Jordan was being my drama queen Taylor was being an Angel! And I thanked her for her wonderful behavior the whole night.

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