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Thursday, February 23, 2012

We Want YOU! (Said in my Uncle Sam Voice)

If you’ve read my blog for awhile you know our family has made a few “steps of faith” the last year or so. What I mean by that is we made a family decision that was impossible and God stepped in to fill the gap.

I have a dear friend that has walked miles off “steps of faith”. She has a tremendous amount of courage and faith and its inspiring.

2 ½ yeas ago Brittany decided that it was time for a new chapter of her life. She was going to work for Campus Crusade for Christ and help young adults from all over spread the word of Christ all over the world. To work for Campus Crusade you must raise enough monthly support to live on. This means the money she needs to have a place to live, food to eat, clothes to wear, and everything else must be covered by donation. Not just any donation, but actual monthly supporters.

Brittany has spent all this time – living outside her comfort zone – approaching people and churches to help her to help others. God has been gracious and provided so much so far, but she is still a little off her target goal.

The reason I’m writing today is to ask you to pray – can you help? The great news is that there are even companies (Christian and Non Christian) that will match your gift and in some cases double it! That means if you give $5 – she could be getting $10 or more a moth. If you give $20 – she could be getting $40 or more a month.

I will provide a list of those companies that have these types of programs as well as Brittany’s email address in case you have questions. If you work for one of the below companies please prayerfully consider if helping support Brittany is something you can do.

If you can’t support monthly please also consider a one time donation. You could also send Brittany an email and see if there is something else she may need help with. I know for a fact PRAYER is always very much appreciated.

Thank you for reading friends!!

Brittany Trujillo – acct# 0622002

Company List

1. AmSouth Bank

2. Abell-Hanger Foundation

3. Action For Boston Community

4. Acxiom Corporation

5. Adobe Corporation

6. AES Corporation

7. AES Puerto Rico

8. AFS Advanced

9. Aileen S Andrew Foundation

10. American Fidelity Corporation

11. Aon Corporation

12. Apache Corporation

13. Archer Daniels Midland

14. Arthur J Gallagher Foundation

15. ATK Foundation

16. AtlantaFalcons Matching Gifts

17. Austin Entrepreneur Foundation

18. Automobile Club of Missouri

19. AXA Foundation

20. B & F Partners

21. Bell South

22. BridgewaterCapital Management

23. C M Capital Corporation

24. Capital Group Companies

25. CDW Computer

26. Chubb & Sons

27. Clarkston Consulting Scott Daggerheart, Matching Gifts

28. Clorox Company

29. CNA Foundation

30. Combined Health Agencies

31. Community Solutions Fund/Thomson West

32. Constellation Energy

33. Corbis

34. Dannon Corporation

35. DaytonFoundation

36. Dell Computers

37. Del Monte (Community Health Charities)

38. Doris Duke Management

39. Dresser-Rand

40. DST Systems

41. EdisonInternational

42. EnCana Oil And Gas

43. EOG Resources

44. Fellowship of Jesus Christ

45. First Data

46. Fleetwood Matching Gift Program

47. FreeportMcmora Foundation

48. Gannett Foundation

49. Gartner

50. General Atomics

51. General Electric

52. Gewalt Hamilton Associates Inc.

53. GMAC Residential

54. Grantham, Mayo, Van Otterloo

55. Halliburton Energy Services Inc.

56. Hartness International

57. Hatfield Quality Meats

58. Home Depot

59. Honeywell Hometown Solutions

60. Hope Christian Community

61. Hospira Inc.

62. Host Engineering

63. IllinoisTool Works

64. IMC Global

65. Ingersoll Rand

66. Intercontinental Hotels

67. J M Smith Foundation

68. John M Olin Foundation

69. Joy Family Foundation

70. Key Foundation

71. Lilly Endowment

72. M J Murdock Charitable Trust

73. Mason Companines

74. Maury L Carter & Assoc. Inc.

75. Maverick Captial Foundation

76. May Company

77. McDonald Agape Foundation

78. McDonald's Corporation

79. Merck Partnership for Giving

80. Mid American Energy

81. Mid-Minnesota Ag, LLC

82. Miller Electric Credit Union

83. Motorola

84. Mustard Seed Foundation

85. Mutual Of America

86. NCCI Holdings, Inc.

87. Nestle

88. New Century Financial Corp.

89. New United Motor Manufacturing

90. Nike

91. Nokia

92. Northstar Foundation

93. Novus International Inc.

94. Nuveen Investments

95. Pepsi

96. Pinkerton & Laws

97. Pioneer Hi-Bred International

98. PJM Interconnection, LLC

99. PPG Industries Foundation

100. Provident Life and Accident Ins.

101. Progressive Insurance

102. Quad Graphics

103. R H Donnelley Corporation

104. Raccoon Valley Bank

105. RealNetworks

106. Reell Precision Manufacturing

107. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

108. Rosewood Foundation

109. Ryan Companies

110. Sallie Mae

111. Scitor Corporation

112. Sears

113. Show Ease Stall Co.

114. Snyder Langston

115. Soderquist Family Foundation

116. Southwest Sports Group

117. Starbucks

118. Sun-Sentinel

119. Susquehanna International Group

120. TCF Foundation

121. The Cason Group Inc

122. The John D And Catherine T MacArthur Foundation

123. The Millipore Foundation

124. The Money Box

125. The River Foundation

126. Thrivent Financial For Lutherans

127. Tom Brown Inc

128. Tomkins Corporation

129. Triad Energy Corporation

130. Tyndale House Publishing

131. UBS Foundation USA

132. Union Pacific Corporation

133. UnumProvident Insurance

134. USAA, San Antonio

135. Verizon

136. W K Kellogg

137. Wal-mart

138. Wellpoint Associate Giving Campaign

139. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

140. Wiley, Rein & Fielding

141. Williams Community Relations

142. Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company

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