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Monday, February 13, 2012

So Sayith Tay and Jay #14

Tell me what you did today?

Taylor: Played with Connor at my birthday. I have a beautiful dance with my beautiful dress up clothes.

Jordan: I eat dinner. And I eat chips and I eat corn. And I played with dress up clothes.

Who do you want to call right now?

Taylor: Um, uh, MiMa! Because she's all pretty.

Jordan: I want to call Aunt Genny. Because she will pick me up! That's what beach Grandma said.  Because we lay down in her bed.

What color hair do you want?

Taylor: Blue - dark blue hair.  Because its so pretty!

Jordan: I want pink hair.  Because I want pink hair - its my favorite.  Then we will go buy a pink shirt. I love pink shirts.

Who do you want to meet from t.v.?

Taylor: Harry Potter.  Because I love him.

Jordan: I want to meet Tinkerbell! Because she's my favorite. She has green on. Because I loooove green.

What is your favorite drink?

Taylor: My favorite drink is hot chocolate.

Jordan:  My favorite is a green drink.  Apple juice and orange juice and chocolate juice and strawberry chocolate, and strawberry.

Who is the funniest person in the world?

Taylor: Connor because he tells jokes.

Jordan:  Sammy and Brenden is funny too. ::To Taylor:: I love Sammy and you love Brenden.

What question do you want to ask?

Taylor: What's your favorite food?

Jordan: My daddy's here! Peanut butter poo poo!

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